Holy, Holy Jesus — A Modern Worship Song With a Reggae Beat

“Holy, Holy Jesus” speaks to the fact that Almighty God, as holy as he is, humbled himself in order to save mankind. The same Creator who spoke the world into existence also inhabited human flesh. He walked in our shoes. He faced every temptation known to man but never sinned. He ultimately gave his life on the cross to save sinners who would rather curse him to his face. That, dear friends, is grace and mercy.

Watch the video below to learn the song. Then share it with your congregation.



Holy, Holy Jesus

Matt Gerwitz
Copyright © 2019 Matt Gerwitz

Jesus one and only Son of God
Came to earth to show the Father’s love
Walked the dusty roads along with sinful man
Poured out all your mercy on the cross


Holy, holy Jesus you are Lord
Maker of the heavens and maker of the earth
Every knee shall bow and every tongue confess
Holy, holy Jesus you are Lord, you are Lord



You came to do the Father’s will, you let us hang you on that hill
Even as the Father turned away
Your life you never tried to save, you saw it through right to the grave
Then to rise again another day


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