I Praise You — Slow, Thoughtful Worship Ideal for Meditation

“I Praise You” was written during a period of deep reflection. Matt was considering what it meant to be content in all things. The apostle Paul wrote of his own contentment regardless of circumstances. This song speaks to that, and more. It speaks to the fact that God is worthy to be praised regardless of where we might find ourselves at any point in life. He is worthy to be praised simply because he is God.

Watch the video below to learn the song. Then share it with your congregation.




I Praise You

Matt Gerwitz
Copyright © 2007 Matt Gerwitz


I praise you, praise you, I praise you my Lord
I praise you, praise you, I praise you my Lord

You are love, you are peace, you are my joy
You are life, you are strength, you’re the shelter in the storm


You are holy, you are righteous, you are perfect, oh Lord
You have saved me, you have washed me, you’ve redeemed my soul


You are high and lifted up above all the earth
You are seated on the throne, at the right hand of God


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Posted on: October 15, 2020