A Wasted Inheritance – Josh. 12:1-14:5

As Christians, we will receive an eternal inheritance secured by the blood og Christ. That inheritance cannot be taken away. Likewise, Israel will receive the inheritance in the new earth that God introduced in Rev. 21. It is the true promised ;land that cannot be taken away. However, both Israel and the Church have earthly inheritances.

The Prodigal Son from Lk. 15 wasted his inheritance. And in fact, that’s the very definition of being prodigal. A prodigal is not one who turns away from God – although prodigals often do that – a prodigal is one who wastes what God gives. We have been given an eternal inheritance that can’t be taken away. But what about what God has given in this life? Are we wasting it? Worse yet, are we at risk of losing it due to our own idolatry?