Act Like a Child of God – Josh. 16+17

Last week we spent most of our time discussing Caleb and his willingness to take responsibility for himself and his family. At 85 years old, he went and fought for the land he had been given. He drove out the inhabitants, blessed his daughter and son-in-law, and then rested. He finished the job.

It’s interesting to observe the different personalities as the tribal leaders appear before Joshua to receive their lands. Caleb was a tough old goat, determined to follow the Lord no matter what. Today we’ll see a couple of other personalities; one slightly different from Caleb and another drastically different. The one thing I want you to keep in mind is this: regardless of personality differences, these are all Israelites. They are all members of the group God calls his ‘chosen people’. They need to act like it.

In terms of our practical application, we Christians are God’s people as well. We ought to act like it. I want you to take that idea and combine it with what we discussed about Caleb last week – he certainly acted like it – as well as what we see today.