Everyone Has a Place – Josh. 21+22

The division of the land among the tribes demonstrates that God had given each of them a physical place to call their own. But in addition to the land, each tribe, family, and individual had a role to play. Each one had a job to do. The Israel of Joshua’s day was no different than any other nation at any other time in history. Its long term success relied on everyone being in his place and his job.

What made Israel different from their neighbors was the fact that God determined each person’s place and role. Furthermore, the tribes were welcome to enjoy the bounty of this land flowing with milk and honey, but within the context and framework of faithfully serving the LORD. They weren’t given the liberty to go rogue.

Likewise, we believers all have a place and role in God’s kingdom. Our places and roles often look quite different. That’s okay as long as we stick with the LORD; as long as what we do is kept within the framework of God’s known will.