Discipleship – Foundations of the Word of God

Disruptive Reality will be presenting a 14-week discipleship program starting Sunday, March 14. You can join in by catching the weekly videos as they are posted here. Every Sunday morning, the next video in the series is put up. We offer a FREE study guide to go along with it. Click the link below to download a PDF copy. If you are a Bible teacher or pastor, feel free to use the study guide for your own discipleship needs.

A note to teachers and study group leaders:

This study guide is a great resource to aid learning spiritual truth if used correctly. It is intended for small groups of 2-10 people, but can be adapted to larger ones.

The methodology employed in this study is to provoke thought and discussion within the framework of Scripture, thereby teaching the student how to learn and find the answer himself. We believe this is a far better approach to study groups than simply spoon-feeding Scripture.

Therefore, questions and discussion are both encouraged. Don’t feel like you must complete one lesson per week to stay with the program. Take as long as needed to complete each lesson with understanding, because the next lesson will build on the previous one.

Finally, feel free to copy and distribute all of our study guides free of charge. The only restrictions we place on copying are the following:

  • You may not copyright this work either in whole or in part.
  • You may not charge a fee for this work except to cover the costs of reproducing it.
  • You may not change the doctrinal positions we hold in these studies. If you disagree with our doctrine, we request you use a different study guide.

May God bless you in your studies!

A note to students:

We hope this study guide will benefit you in your walk with Jesus. Discipleship is a journey that will take you to places and teach you things that you never thought possible. Should you make the decision to be a true disciple of Jesus, following Him will not be easy. But through the power of the Holy Spirit and the grace of God the Father, you will experience the ultimate Christian life that God intended for you. And that, you will never regret.

God bless you in your walk with the Lord!




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Posted on: March 7, 2021