He Did It His Way – Lk. 1:46-80

Frank Sinatra recorded a song in 1968 entitled “My Way”. You might be familiar with it. “My Way” is considered Sinatra’s biggest hit and signature song by music historians. But it turns out that Sinatra hated the song. He considered it self-serving and self-indulgent. His sentiments are easy to understand after reading the lyrics.

“My Way” could be considered the theme of humanity. From the very beginning, even the Garden of Eden, man has had a rebellious attitude. We insist on doing things our way. We resist God; we refuse to humble ourselves before him. Despite the ultimate sacrifice of love in sending Jesus to die for us, we have thumbed our collective nose at him. The world continues doing it today. However, God is not swayed. He does things his way, whether we get on board or not. We’ll see that in today’s text in Luke 1.