Revelation Is for the Devoted – Lk. 2:22-39

I am a big Star Wars fan. In fact, I’m currently working my way through the 11 films again. As I’ve paid attention to Jedi training as portrayed in the films and the Clone Wars and Rebels series, I have noticed an interesting theme: a padawan’s ability to grow stronger with the force correlates directly with his devotion to its principles. Even adult Jedi must remain devoted if they hope to see clearly, continue to learn, and be guided by the force.

Though Star Wars is just a story, this idea of devotion is a reality we all know to be true. Olympic athletes must devote themselves fully to excel; successful mothers must devote themselves to raising their children the right way. There are lots of examples. We will see in today’s text that the principle even applies to the Christian faith.

We will discuss the idea of devotion and its relationship to revelation. In simple terms, God reveals himself to those who are devoted to him. One’s level of devotion to God – which includes one’s thoughts, words, and actions – determines the amount of revelation given. In a phrase, revelation is for the devoted. It is not for the half-hearted or those who don’t give God the time of day.