The Power of Resisting Temptation – Lk. 4:1-22

Temptation is a powerful thing. But did you know that resisting temptation is even more powerful? It’s more powerful because the Holy Spirit responds when we resist. He comes alongside us to give additional strength. He makes us stronger every time we resist temptation. Better yet, the more we resist, the more we are empowered to live a life pleasing to God.

Today’s text will deal with Jesus being tempted by the devil as he prepares to begin his public ministry. As we study, I want you to consider how often you feel defeated by sin. I want you to consider why those defeats occur, how you respond to them, and how they affect the rest of your life. In Lk. 4, Jesus provides a blueprint for resisting temptation. He also shows us the power of doing so in terms of the results it achieves.