Jesus, The Great Disrupter – Lk. 4:23-44

Several years ago I was reading a business article discussing how many of today’s most successful companies broke into their respective markets by disrupting those markets. I remember thinking on that article and coming to the conclusion that in a spiritual sense, Jesus is the Great Disrupter. He entered a world filled with all sorts of religious systems and philosophical ideologies – all trying to achieve the same thing: redemption. He disrupted them all with what were considered revolutionary ideas. In so doing, he disrupted everything from politics to social justice to faith itself.

Has Jesus disrupted your life? Has he disrupted mine? If we are truly wanting to be disciples, disruption is part of the deal. God’s will is in stark contrast to man’s. In order to fulfill that will, Jesus does things differently. We will see that in today’s text as Jesus, in his early days of ministry, proves to be a disruptive force everywhere he goes. This is the main point to Theophilus for the remainder of the letter. Paul’s ministry is disruptive to normal society because he follows Jesus. And Jesus is the Great Disrupter.