The Only Classes That Really Matter

Humanity has a habit of dividing itself along class lines. Doing so is inherent to who we are. Social classes have existed from the beginning; they still exist today. Yet the class system is wrought with failure, including its tendency to lead to judgment. In other words, we tend to judge one another base on social class.

We assume all rich people are greedy and selfish. We celebrate celebrity as thought people with money, fame, etc. are morally superior. Likewise, we assume poor people are lazy and inept. We hold them in disdain because they haven’t pulled themselves up by the bootstraps. While the rich look down with disdain, the poor look up in envy and jealousy. Those of us in the middle are the worst off because we look in both directions.

This is not how God would have it to be. In his mind, there are only two classes of people: the lost and the saved. He doesn’t care about human social classes. We’ll see in today’s text that we shouldn’t care about them either. We should treat people as God would treat them, regardless of social class.