I Can’t Get No…Satisfaction – Lk. 7:31-50

The Rolling Stones are easily one of the most recognized rock bands in history. Among all their hits, none is more widely known than ‘(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction’. Just the hook line itself has become part of American pop culture to the extent that it is known and understood even by people who have never heard the song.

At any rate, the song talks about a man’s frustration with commercialism and romance. He can’t seem to find satisfaction in either one. Whether Mick Jagger or Keith Richards knew it or not, the song is actually an anthem for all of humanity. We run around trying to find satisfaction in a lost and fallen world. But guess what? There is none to be found.

Unfortunately, the Christian church mimics the world. We bring the world into our churches in hopes of making them more appealing, more relevant etc. We are never satisfied with the results, so we keep following along, just a step behind the world, in hopes of eventually hitting the right formula. But in the end, there is no satisfaction to be found.