Fear and Faith Can’t Play Together – Lk. 8:19-40

A couple of month into the coronavirus crisis I recorded a video blog in which I posed the question, “How long are we going to live in fear?” The video was partially motivated by seeing so many churches close down in fear of the virus and government dictates. Even today, some 20 months after the whole thing started, I personally know Christians whose lives are still controlled by lingering COVID fears.

Well, COVID isn’t the only thing we fear. There are countless others. In fact, humanity has a long history of being controlled by fear. We Christians are no exception. But here’s the thing: we ought to know better. We ought to know that fear and faith can’t play together. They are incompatible. As a Christian, I cannot simultaneously live in fear and live by faith. There isn’t room for both. It’s got to be one or the other, which is what we’ll see in today’s text.