Putting Belief Into Practice – Lk. 9:1-22

In a few of our previous studies here in Luke, we have discussed the differences between belief and faith. For instance, belief is an act of the mind where faith is an act of the will. Belief is a decision where faith is an action. Last time, as we closed out chapter 8, we discussed how belief precedes action. Before one can act in faith, one must first believe what has been heard, seen, taught, etc.

In today’s text, we’re going to see several incidents in which the disciples will be given practical opportunities to exercise faith by acting on what they say they believe. We’ll also see Herod trying to figure out what he believes. As we study, keep in mind the original recipient of Luke’s gospel: Theophilus. What does he believe about Jesus? What does he believe about Paul. Is he closer to the disciples, or is he more like Herod?