God’s Take on Pro-Choice – Lk. 10:1-24

When the modern world speaks of being pro-choice, it is often a reference to the choice to murder babies in the womb. To me, that’s even more sick and depraved than the colonial-era choice to own slaves. Be that as it may, God has an entirely different take on being pro-choice. He is pro-choice in the sense that he has given humanity a free will. We get to choose how we live our lives. Animals don’t have that choice.

Animals can’t choose between right and wrong. They have no moral component to their spirits. They do what they do based solely on instinct and the natural will to survive. We humans can live entirely in survival mode, or we can choose to live by a moral and ethical code. God will never force us to make one choice over another. He leaves things to us. However, he will hold us to our choices. Ultimately, the consequences of our choices will be on us. If those consequences are bad, we will have to one but ourselves to blame.