Free Study Guide — Miracles: The Signature of God


Miracles are sometimes referred to as ‘signs and wonders’ in Scripture. They represent God doing things in such a way as to prove that He alone did them. They leave no room for human explanation — scientific or otherwise. God’s miracles also represent opportunities for people to believe what He says.

This study guide is the first of two that specifically discuss some of God’s most well-known miracles. Each one is discussed in terms of it facts, what they establish about God’s character, and how we can apply their lessons. Hopefully, you will glean a whole new understanding of the miracles we Christians have read about so often.

More About Your Study

The methodology employed in this study is designed to provoke thought and discussion within the framework of Scripture, thereby teaching the student how to learn and find the answer himself. We believe this is a far better approach to study groups than simply spoon-feeding Scripture.

Therefore, questions and discussion are both encouraged. Don’t feel like you must complete one lesson per week to stay with the program. Take as long as needed to complete each lesson with understanding, because the next lesson will build on the previous one.

Finally, feel free to copy and distribute all of our study guides free of charge. The only restrictions we place on copying are the following:

  • You may not copyright this work either in whole or in part.
  • You may not charge a fee for this work except to cover the costs of reproducing it.
  • You may not change the doctrinal positions we hold in these studies. If you disagree with our doctrine, we request you use a different study guide.

May God bless you in your studies!


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Posted on: January 31, 2022