God Is No Slacker – Lk. 18:1-30

In the 1st Back to the Future film, the principle at Marty’s school, Mr. Strickland, had a habit of calling students he wasn’t fond of slackers. He called Marty a slacker for being routinely late for school. I was thinking about that while I was studying for today’s lesson and I realized that a lot of people feel the same way about God.

II Pet. 3:1-10 suggests that the naysayers of the modern world think Jesus isn’t coming back. They are convinced either God isn’t real, he lied, or he changed his mind. They consider God a slacker because he doesn’t do things their way. Likewise, I get the sense that the Jews of Jesus’ day felt like God was never going to free them. I also get the sense that they felt God was being unfair to them – like they didn’t really deserve to be under Roman rule. That would explain why so many worshiped Jesus on Palm Sunday but yelled, “crucify him!” just a few days later.

Well, God is no slacker. He will send Jesus back to retrieve his bride. He will pour out his wrath on the earth. He will redeem his people and place them in the land he promised for all eternity. But first things first. God is no slacker. He just has a timetable we aren’t privy to. Everything will be done in due time.