This Is the Way – Lk. 18:31-43

If there are any Star Wars fans out there, perhaps you have seen The Mandalorian series. The main character – the Mandalorian himself – was not born on Mandalore. He has no Mandalorian blood in his body. As a kid, he was saved by Mandalorians when his parents were killed. He was raised in their ancient religion, often referred to as The Way. Numerous times in the series you hear the line, “This is the way.” It’s a reference to abiding by the principles of that ancient faith no matter what.

It’s interesting that Christianity is referred to as “the way” 6 times in the book of Acts. The Way of Jesus is the genuine way. It is the legit way. Would it be that we Christians were as committed to it as the fictional Mandalorians were to their way. Would it be that we would submit; that we would remain true and faithful even when we don’t understand the way. That’s what a true disciple does. That’s the kind of faith the LORD wants to develop in us.