Would You Climb a Tree? – Lk. 19:1-27

Take a minute and think about someone you are close to. Maybe it’s your spouse, a child, a parent, or even a friend. Just through observation, can you tell what is important to that person? Now examine yourself. Do you know what is truly important to you?

Is there a TV show that you will absolutely not miss? A show you will completely rearrange your life around? Maybe it’s a hobby. Maybe you have a hobby that’s so important that it takes precedent whenever you have free time. Here’s the point: we make time for whatever is important. We gladly set other things – and people, too – aside to pursue whatever is most important.

By now, you probably know where I am going with this. How important is God to you? How important is your faith? The answer is as simple as stepping back and honestly assessing your priorities. In today’s text we’ll see a man named Zacchaeus; a man who’s priority, on one particular day, was getting to Jesus. It was so important that he was willing to climb a tree.