Here Comes the King – Lk. 19:28-48

I remember back when George W. Bush first ran for the presidency. During the primary campaign, he stopped in my town for a brief visit and speech. It was at the airport. I went out to see him, and it was a madhouse. I had literally never seen so many people assembled in one place, with the possible exception of a football game. We were all there to see this man we believed could lead the country.

Looking back, that experience probably paled compared to what happened on Palm Sunday. On that glorious day, Jesus rode into Jerusalem like a king. His disciples were glorifying him as the Blessed King. They were worshiping and praising in the midst of a city that was already buzzing with excitement for the upcoming Passover and feast of Unleavened Bread. Jesus was there, at that time, because he would be the Passover lamb for the whole world.

Despite all the joy and happiness, all was not well. Jesus demonstrated profound sadness on that day. He also showed righteous anger and indignation. He had every right to. He is the King of Kings. As we study today, remember that. Ask yourself if you serve the Lord as your genuine Lord and King. Or do you treat him like your pal?