Christians, Gov’t., & the Law – Lk. 20:27-47

As we wind down to the end of Jesus’ earthly ministry, we see the government taking on an increasingly larger role in facilitating his demise. We see government leaders within Judaism going after Jesus for upsetting their religious apple cart. They will eventually get the Roman government involved as well.

Bear in mind that this gospel of Luke was originally a letter written to Theophilus, a man we believe to be some sort of government official in Rome. What Jesus says in this particular portion of text calls into question how much faith and trust people should have in their governments. How interesting that Christians are asking the same questions today. How should we interact with government? How far do we take obedience to the law?

The Church had a big argument during the height of the COVID pandemic. Smaller squabbles continue even today. The main question is this: do we obey government at all costs? It’s something the church has to settle soon, because government is only going to become more intrusive in the months and years ahead. If you don’t know where you stand on Christians, government, in the law, I recommend digging into the Scriptures and figuring it out ASAP.