When the Building Doesn’t Matter – Lk. chpt. 21

Imagine walking with Jesus as one of his disciples, traveling from city to city as he preaches the gospel. Hundreds – if not thousands – come out to see him at every stop. They are looking for miracles; they are looking for free food; they might even be looking for a profound word of wisdom every now and again. But are they looking for God in the flesh?

As exciting as those three years of Jesus’ ministry may have been, he was constantly up against the tight grip of Jewish law and tradition. He was competing with the trappings of organized religion, including a glorious temple that had been transformed form a house of prayer and sacrifice into a religious marketplace. Unfortunately, even the common man was blinded by the glitter of those trappings.

Is anything different today? Consider your own church. Is your church a building people worship? Is your church’s ministry defined by theater seating, the latest technology, a pro-level worship band, etc.? Or, would a returning Jesus find a simple, humble worship experience that truly leads souls to a place of close communion with the LORD? Someday, that building won’t matter. It will burn with everything else. What will your church have to show for it?