The Illogical Crucifixion – Lk. 23:27-43

Observation of the natural world reveals lots of things that don’t seem to make logical sense to our brains. For example, water expands when it both freezes and evaporates. No other liquid behaves that way. Likewise, the intangible force of gravity keeps our feet glued to the earth despite the fact that the planet is spinning under our feet. The fact is we don’t know everything. We don’t know as much about the natural world as we think we do.

To the lost man or woman, God’s plan of crucifixion makes about as much sense sea turtles laying their eggs on the beach and then abandoning them and leaving the future hatchlings to fend for themselves. It’s illogical. Yet that’s God’s design. It was his design to have Jesus die a grueling death on the cross to save our souls. The human brain strives to understand that even though it can never be understood. All we can do is accept it by faith.

The people who mocked and deride in Jesus on the cross couldn’t accept that he was their savior. In their eyes, a genuine savior would not allow the people he came to save kill him instead. And yet, here we are with today’s text. The illogical nature of it all is one of the things that prevent so many people from surrendering their lives to Jesus. Then that’s why we are told we must do so by faith.