As Real As It Gets – Lk. 24:36-53

We have finally reached what is the end of Luke’s gospel BUT NOT the end of the story. As we’ll see in today’s text, the majority of the remaining apostles and disciples struggled to to wrap their brains around the idea of a resurrected Jesus. They could not believe that what they were hearing and seeing was real. But Jesus made a point of showing them that he is as real as it gets.

I believe many of us who call ourselves Christians sometimes find ourselves in a place where Christianity is more like something we do than who we are. That faith is less real; it is less tangible. Why? Because we take it for granted. We allow ourselves to get so wrapped up in the world that the better life Jesus wants for us seems like a fairy tale. Likewise, our eventual destination in eternity seems so far away as to be practically unreal. But Jesus – and everything involved in being his disciple – is as real as it gets. Whether or not it all seems real to us is a matter of perspective. And many of us could use a change of perspective, for sure!