The Preacher Hates Life – Eccl. chpt. 2

Imagine watching a TV interview with someone rich and famous. It could be anyone – your favorite actor, pro athlete, or even a politician. Would you be surprised to hear that person say he or she hated life? Of course. We look at people like that and wonder how they could ever want for anything more. They have wealth, social status, the freedom to do what they want when they want. And yet, the rich and famous hating life, or at least being terribly unsatisfied, is quite common.

Solomon, the wisest man ever, found himself hating life. Like modern day celebrities, he had it all. He was wealthy beyond imagination. He was on the A-list of kings and queens for the day. He was famous for his wisdom. He even had a personal relationship with Jehovah God. And yet we will see in today’s text that he reached a point at which he hated life; he hated his life. Why? It all goes back to that word ‘vanity’.