Big Money Illusions – Eccl. 5:8-20

Last week’s study was about big dreams and many words. We talked about how bug dreams often lead to meaningless results when they are pursued apart from serving God. As we pick up in verse 8 of this chapter, we transition from big dreams to big money. Remember that, in addition to being exceedingly wise, Solomon was also filthy rich. He eventually learned just how meaningless his wealth was.

To set this up, let me refer you to II Chron. 1:7-12. God appeared to Solomon just after he became king; he offered to give the new king anything he wanted. Solomon could have asked for great wealth and God would have given it to him. But he asked for wisdom and knowledge instead. God gave him what he asked for, in spades. But he also gave Solomon incredible wealth, too.

With as much wisdom and wealth as Solomon had, you would expect him to stay on track. But we know the story. His wisdom didn’t keep him from those big dreams that sent him following after sin. His big money didn’t stop him from continually hoarding more for himself. At his peak, Solomon had a thousand wives and concubines, tens of thousands of horses and chariots, and a navy. He was continually showered with gifts of gold, silver, etc. The man had money. But in the end, he realized that the promises money makes amount to little more than an illusion.