More Than a Portion – Eccl. Chpt. 6

Last week we talked a lot about the fact that God gives every man and woman the portion that he sees fit. We’ll discuss that more today. But let’s begin this lesson by comparing two fictional characters: Ebeneezer Scrooge and his nephew Fred. Scrooge is wealthy, but he’s also a miserable wretch who never uses his wealth for good. Fred, though not nearly as wealthy, is still upper class. He is generous; he is charitable; he does good with what he has.

In chapters 4 and 5, Solomon makes it clear that it’s good for a man to enjoy the fruits of his labor. It’s good for him to enjoy his portion – whatever God has given him. Solomon also touched on the fact that a man can only consume so much. He can only use so much of what God has given. So what about the excess? God would have us to do good with that excess. He would have us be like Fred and not Scrooge. You see, life is about so much more than the portion God gives. That portion is given for our enjoyment, but it’s also given as a tool for doing the will of the Father.