Paralyzed By Possibilities – Eccl. Chpt. 11

We have reached a point in Ecclesiastes where Solomon is trying to make sense of what he has learned, for the benefit of the reader. He is trying to summarize and offer a ‘moral to the story’ as it were. We saw the beginnings of that in chpt. 9, as we learned that we shouldn’t get too attached to this world because we’re just passing through. We discussed in chpt. 10 the idea of avoiding fools; of not doing what fools do. We also talked about what it’s like when fools are in charge.

Chpt. 11 is a reminder of something we learned a few weeks ago: that God wants us to go live our lives. He doesn’t want us to be paralyzed by the ‘what if’ mentality. Sure, thing could go wrong in lots of ways. The possibilities are endless. But God doesn’t want us to be paralyzed by those possibilities. None of us knows what tomorrow will bring. The possibilities are positive, negative, and indifferent. If we spend too much time waiting on tomorrow, we let today’s opportunities slip by.


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