Only God Is True – Gal. 1:1-12

Today we begin the book of Galatians. It’s pretty short book – just 6 chapters – so we’ll get through it in probably 6-8 weeks. I also plan to take a break in a couple of weeks do a special Bible study for Christmas. To get things started today, we’ll talk briefly about the history and intent of this book, as well as Paul’s alarm over the fact that false doctrines had infiltrated the Galatian churches. As an evangelist, Paul preached “Jesus Christ, and him crucified.” As a pastor, it was his duty to protect the sheep from the wolves seeking to devour them.

The fight against false doctrine is not new It is as old as the Church itself. Not only that, the fight continues today. It’s too bad that those of us fighting for the truth seem to get smaller in number every day. There is so much false doctrine in the modern church that it’s easy to get discouraged. But we can’t just up. Had Paul done so, how many people would have been negatively impacted?