O Foolish Galatians – Gal. 3:1-14

A couple of years ago I made the decision to stop using Facebook. I decided I would stop exposing my mind to the influences of a platform that was purposely and openly attacking nearly every principle I believe in. As such, I locked

down my account and made it private. I didn’t leave completely because I had to remain part of a single FB group for work purposes. Well, guess what? I am no longer affiliated with that group. So on Jan. 1, I officially deleted my FB account once and for all. I’m free!

What if, say 6 months from now, some of my friends and family members start trying to convince me to get back on FB. Would I do it? Should I do it? Hopefully not and definitely not. I consider FB the enemy. I believe it’s a bad influence not only on me, but everyone who uses it. I feel that way about most – not all, mind you – but most social media. So why go back to it?

Paul is dealing with a similar situation in Galatia. The Galatian Christians are being told by Jewish Christians that they have to follow the Jewish law to be saved. These Judaizers are, in effect, telling the Galatians they have to return to the practice of earning salvation by their works – a practice that was bad for them before Christ and is still bad for them as Christians. Why go back to it?