A Contract Still In Force – Gal. 3:15-29

Contracts are a normal part of life. We all enter into them. Your mortgage or lease agreement is a contract. You may have signed a contract when you bought your cell phone or signed up for high speed internet. Some of us were even offered employment contracts when we were first hired. As you probably know, a contract is a legally binding agreement that stipulates the rights are responsibilities of all involved parties.

Today we will discuss the covenant made between God an Abraham back in the Old Testament. ‘Covenant’ is just another word for ‘contract’. God and Abraham entered a contract, with both sides bringing something to the table. God brought his promises; Abraham brought his faith. The amazing thing is that the contract remains in force to this very day. Those of us who have been born again have been added as parties to that contract by virtue of being adopted into God’s family. Best of all, nothing can invalid the contract. It will remain in force for all eternity.