Who Is Your Master? – Gal. 4:1-17

The idea of masters and servants is universally understood. Such relationships still exist in modern society. The employee is servant to the employer (master). Kids are subservient to their parents (their masters). The relationship even exists in the spiritual realm. Everyone – and I mean EVERYONE – is a servant to a higher power, whether an individual is willing to admit it or not. The only question for each person is who that master is.

In today’s text, Paul talks about masters and servants. He gives the Galatian Christians a choice: Jesus can be their Master OR they can opt to submit themselves to the Judaizers who had come up from Jerusalem. These Judaizers wanted to be the Galatians’ masters. That’s why they were pushing the law. They wanted the Galatians to convert to Judaism and then become their disciples. But as Paul so eloquently explains, Jesus freed them from all that. There is no reason to go back to it.


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