Liberty, Faith, and Love – Gal. 5:1-15

How did you relate to your parents during your childhood? I grew up in a very strict home governed by lot of rules. Those rules were enforced with a rod. As such, my relationship with my parents was governed by my willingness and ability to obey the rules. Things changed when I became and adult; when I made my own life. Adulthood freed from my parents’ rules. It allowed me to relate to them more as friends than anything else.

My experience helped me better understand Scripture when the Holy Spirit finally revealed to me the principles we are going to study today. Those principles are liberty, faith, and love. They are among the most important principles in all of Christianity, second only to God’s nature and the gospel message. If you are struggling to find a compromise between law and grace, this week’s study should go a long way toward helping you understand what God intends for both.