Disruptive Reality Ministry Updates

Here at Disruptive Reality, we continue striving to present the truth to God’s people through Bible studies, devotionals, FREE downloadable study guides, and more. But as you might expect, things never stay the same forever. That brings us to the point of this post: two new changes we want you to be aware of.

New Video Hosting Platform

For about the last two years, Disruptive Reality has relied on GabTV to host our videos. We moved from YouTube to GabTV due to the fact that Gab is operated by a Christian company whose owners believe in free speech. Meanwhile, YouTube is owned by Google and subject to its unfriendly speech policies towards conservative and religious thought.

GabTV has been a very good platform for us. Our videos have enjoyed tens of thousands of views over the years – far more than we ever got on YouTube. We have also had 10 times as many subscribers on GabTV. Unfortunately, Gab has made the difficult decision to shut down GabTV. Its closure will be effective July 28, 2023.

The decision is a business one, which we understand completely. Gab doesn’t have the same budget as Google and YouTube. They can’t afford to continue funding a money-losing video platform. On a positive note, they are offering the opportunity to all of their video publishers to move their videos to the Gab social network.

We plan to maintain our Gab social ministry page indefinitely. However, we have decided to move our videos to Rumble. This doesn’t affect our views except for one minor detail: you may see ads along with our videos. Note that we have no control over those ads — they are placed by Rumble. It’s no different than when YouTube ran ads on our old channel.

Old Videos Will Be Taken Down

We also want our regular viewers to know that all our old GabTV videos will be taken down effective July 28. The task of moving two years of videos (at roughly 1 hour apiece) is more than we have the time or resources for. Therefore, if you want to save any of our older videos for your own personal archive, download them directly from the video player before July 28. After that date, audio copies will be available upon request. All new videos will be kept current on Rumble.

New Donation Options

While GabTV is shutting down, GabPay is just getting started. GabPay is Gab’s version of PayPal. We are proud to announce that we now accept donations through GabPay. You do not need to have a GabPay account to donate through the platform. Of course, we will continue to accept donations through PayPal.

We can also accept donations through Venmo. You’ll find a link and the correct username on our donation page. The DR profile remains private so no one but you and us can see your transactions.

Regardless of how you choose to donate, please be sure to read all of the information on our donation page before giving. Disruptive Reality is not a 501(c)(3) organization. We pay taxes on all donations. The information on our donation page explains why we have decided to take this route.

As always, a big ‘thank you’ goes out to all of our regular supporters and viewers. Thank you for your support, prayers, donations, and general goodwill. God continues to do good things with this ministry. We are just blessed to be part of it.

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Posted on: July 9, 2023