Whom God Calls, He Also Equips – I Chron. 22

Most people are very good at worrying. We Christians worry too, even though we have no legitimate reason to do so. God has never let us down. He never will. And when it comes to serving him, the LORD never leaves us lacking. Those whom he calls, he also equips. Even better, he usually equips though other people. He will use someone else to provide for and equip you. Then he will turn around and use you to provide for and equip the next guy in line.

Scripture shows us this time and again. We’re going to see the perfect example of this principle in today’s text. Chapter 22 shows us how God used David and his reign to equip Solomon for the temple building project. Ultimately, David’s warrior kingdom also set up Solomon’s kingdom of peace. The story is a reminder to us about trusting God to what he deems best. Sometimes God equips in ways that we don’t understand. But that’s his nature.

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Posted on: July 16, 2023