Pointing Them to Jesus – John 1:19-34

It’s not unusual for Christians to struggle in their efforts to defend the faith against non-believers. We try to reason with them only to be left frustrated because they don’t get it. But guess what? They can’t get it. It’s impossible for their hearts and minds to understand spiritual truth. The Bible says that the carnal mind is an opposition to God (Rom. 8). It says that a carnal mind isn’t subject to God’s law and never can be. Here’s the thing: trying to explain the Scriptures to lost people is a waste of time.

That doesn’t mean we should not witness to the lost. What it means is that we should stop trying to get them to understand the truth. Instead, our job is to simply point them to Jesus. That’s exactly what John the Baptist did. He didn’t try to explain the truth. He didn’t try to convince those around him. He simply pointed at Jesus and said “he’s the one.” It was up to them to decide what they would do with the truth he presented. We should learn from his example. Arguing with the lost is a waste of time. Pointing them to Jesus is their only hope.



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