And So It Begins… – John Chpt. 2

Every great event throughout history started with something small. There is always a seed. There are always those early stage events that seem insignificant but which actually lay the groundwork for what’s to come. There are also people. That small number of early adopters, if you will, get to participate in making the event whatever it’s going to be. They have a unique perspective that others who follow later on can never have. But guess what? They also have choices.

No great event goes off without a hitch. There are always problems; there are always risks. Every person involved from the very beginning eventually has to make a choice: stick with it or go home. In some cases, the choice has to be made multiple times prior to completion.

In today’s text, we will see the start of Jesus’ public ministry; a ministry that will ultimately lead him to the cross. Things are wonderful. His small group of disciples get to walk with him and learn from him daily; they get to see miracles up close and personal; they get to help Jesus do what he does. But right from the start, there are choices to make. Who will stay and who will go? Who will believe and follow Jesus as opposed to either not believing or believing but not following? By the way, times haven’t changed.



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