Here Comes the Son – John 3:22-36

In 1969, the Beatles released ‘Here Comes the Sun’ as part of their Abbey Road album. The song was written by guitarist George Harrison and is easily Harrison’s best-known work. I often think about it when I read this portion of John’s Gospel. While Harrison’s song is all about the orange blob in the sky, the more important son is Jesus himself.

I have a strange imagination. I can easily imagine John the Baptist singing “here comes the son” as Jesus arrives to be baptized. But had he done so, it wouldn’t have been in a foolish or mocking way. John the Baptist revered, respected, and adored Jesus. He knew full well who Jesus was.

That’s why he wasn’t offended when his disciples began leaving him to follow Jesus instead. John was never supposed to be the star of the show. His whole ministry was to prepare the way for Jesus. It’s too bad so many modern pastors and preachers don’t have his attitude. Far too many of them make it all about themselves. And unfortunately, they teach their people to do the same thing.



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