Like Father, Like Son – John 5:19-31

You’ve heard the phrase ‘like father, like son’. We sometimes use it in a positive sense but, more often than not, we use it in a negative sense. We use it when we see someone behaving poorly, just like his father before him. But in Jesus’ case, the phrase is always positive. Jesus is God in the flesh. He is just like his Father. And as the Father is holy, so is Jesus. As the Father loves and does good, so does Jesus. This is why Jesus said that if we’ve seen him, we’ve seen the Father. (Jn. 14:9)

This is a foreign concept to the Jews of Jesus’ day. Moreover, Jesus declaring himself to be the Son of God is considered blasphemy. What we are going to see in today’s text is the revelation of the OT is short form. It changes things forever. From this point forward, Jesus isn’t just a nice Jewish rabbi who happens to work miracles. He is now a man who has declared himself God’s Son and the judge of all things. It is the point of no return for him and his disciples.



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