Everybody Believes in Something – Jn. 5:32-48

Do you remember Frank Zappa? He was a spaced-out musician, writer, and artist known for the bizarre. My guess is that he wasn’t a Christian believer. But even he was capable of demonstrating wisdom from time to time. As a case in point, Zappa once said, “Everybody believes in something and everybody, by virtue of the fact that they believe in something, uses that something to support their own existence.” He was right.

There are a people in this world who will not take a position on Jesus one way or the other – or so they think. But no matter the topic, every person holds a personal belief about it. And that personal belief dictates how a person behaves in relation to that topic. When it comes to Jesus, you either believe he is who he says he is or you don’t. If you have heard of him, it is impossible to not have some sort of belief one way or the other.

In today’s text, Jesus will address one of the fundamental truths of the human existence: everybody believes something about God and spiritual matters. No one capable of forming thoughts about the spiritual side of mankind can NOT have beliefs. Therefore, what one believes is important. What one believes dictates one’s response to spiritual truth.



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