Bread, Fish, & Leftovers – Jn. 6:1-21

The story of Jesus feeding the 5K is one of the most well-known stories in all of the Bible. Even the lost world is familiar with it. The curious thing is that the miracle Jesus performed in this particular instance was not for the benefit of the thousands of hungry people. It was for disciples’ benefit. It was to challenge them in terms of their willingness to trust. Would they trust Jesus and obey, even though what he was telling them to do defied logic?

God continues to challenge the Christian believer today. He puts seemingly impossible takes in our paths, not to crush our spirits or knock us, but to motivate us to trust him. And when we do, he always makes up the difference. He always supplies what we lack. When we miss it, we can almost always look back and see that we didn’t believe, trust, and obey.



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