Jesus: The Great Divider – Jn. 7:32-53

Peace and unity are noble ideals, but are they possible to achieve in this world? Get two people in a room and they are bound to disagree on something – no two people agree 100% of the time. The fascinating thing is to consider the types of things that divide people. Some of those things are minor; some are major. Perhaps the most profound is truth.

Last week we discussed how Jesus divides rather than unifies (Matt. 10:34-37). The division he creates is rooted in the truth. God’s truth in particular. Jesus said in Jn. 8 that the truth makes people free. He said in Jn. 17 that God’s Word is truth. And since Jesus is the physical embodiment of God’s Word, he is also the physical embodiment of truth. He is the great divider by virtue of the fact that the world loves darkness and sin. Those made free from that sin are divided from those still in bondage to it.



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