Made Free by Truth Pt. 1 – Jn. 8:1-20

When we left off in chpt.7, Jesus was in Jerusalem for the feast of Tabernacles. He went to the temple several times during that feast to teach anyone who would come to listen. He spoke the truth to them; the truth about himself, the law of Moses, judgment, and other topics. If you remember, his words of truth caused division. Some believed, others weren’t sure, and still others refused to believe outright. Nothing has changed. The truth continues to divide people.

As we study chpt. 8 over the next few weeks, we are going to see this theme of truth continue. Jesus will keep speaking the truth. He will even challenge his listeners to embrace the truth and be made free by it. Yet Jesus does not force. Everyone gets to decide for himself what he will do with the truth. As for me, I embrace it. I want to be made free by it. Without the truth, we really have nothing else of value.


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