Made Free by Truth Pt. 3 – Jn. 8:39-59

Today’s lesson is the last in this 3-part lesson on being made free by the truth. Last week we discussed the difference between being ‘set’ free and being ‘made’ free. Jesus not only told us we can be made free, he also told us that it is an ongoing process we involve ourselves in when we continue in his word. I challenged you to be a disciple rather than a believer. Remember that Jesus said if we continue in his word, we shall be his disciples. That’s the formula. You want to be a disciple? Continue studying the Word. Whatever you learn, apply.

The last section of this chapter illustrates the consequences of NOT believing Jesus; of not continuing in the Word. Being made free involves both the salvation experience and being a disciple. What are we made free from? At salvation, we are made free from the guilt of sin. In discipleship, we are made free from the bondage of the world around us. We’ll see a group of people in this last section who have not been made free from either.


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Posted on: January 21, 2024