A Comforter and Commandments – Jn. 14:15-31

We’ve all seen movies or TV shows with scenes depicting two people who love each other having to part ways. Maybe its a WWII soldier at a train station, saying goodbye to his sweetheart. He gives her something, perhaps a picture of himself in a locket. She can hold on to it until he returns. It brings her comfort when she’s feeling dad; it gives her hope when she feels like he’s never coming home. If you can picture that, apply something similar to Jesus & Co.

Jesus’ disciples are slowly coming to the realization that he’s about to leave them. It won’t be long before he actually does. He is preparing them with this final teaching at the Last Supper. In the portion that we’ll look at today, Jesus says he will leave them with two things: the Comforter and his commandments. These will sustain them (and us) until his return. Or at least they should.


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