Don’t Stop Being Disciples – Jn. 15:1-13

Back in the ’90s I played in a band known as the Joyful Life Gospel Band. We played churches, Christian coffee houses, jails, state prisons, festivals, etc. Anywhere anyone would listen, we played. And we played a lot. Then the band leader was offered a pastorate in MD. He took it. It was several months before he left; we continued to play. But then he was gone. It seemed sudden even though we had been preparing for it. The rest of us wondered, “What now? Should we keep playing? What should we do?”

Jesus’ disciples would eventually face a similar situation. He would be leaving them to go to the Father. Then what? He wants them to keep pushing on. He doesn’t want them to retire. We’ll see in chpt. 21 that they almost do retire. Thankfully, Jesus gets hold of them again and points them in the right direction before ascending to heaven. Today’s text is all about discipleship. Jesus wants his disciples to continue being disciples even after he’s gone. He wants the same thing for us. He wants us to be disciples, not just believers. The good news? He tells us just how to do it.


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