Brace for Impact – Jn. 16:1-18

I read a post last week, written by someone who appears to be a fellow Christian. He wrote about his opinion that the US is beyond redemption; we have gone too far across the line and there is no turning back at this point. He also wrote about his preparations for when things completely collapse. What intrigued me was his assertion that he was not afraid; he was not worried. Rather his preparations were the equivalent of bracing for impact.

I’m going to take this guy at his word. I am also going to borrow from him, because his main point is actually a good explanation of what Jesus is saying t his disciples in today’s text. Things are going to go south for them. Life is about to change bug time. He doesn’t want them to panic or be afraid. But he does want them to brace for impact. And as they do, Jesus also wants them to look for the Holy Spirit and follow his leading.

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