Pilate the Politician – Jn. 19:1-22

There was a time when I admired politicians. I was a young adult when Ronald Reagan was first elected. In fact, he was the first president I voted for. Back then, I considered ‘good’ politicians honorable people who were honestly trying to do the right thing. My views have changed drastically in 40 years. These days, I don’t trust politicians any further than I could throw them.

Politicians have a tendency to be self-serving. They have a tendency to follow the wind in whatever direction it blows. Today’s politicians are no different than those in Jesus’ day. And as we will see from today’s text, Pilate is a politician who wants to do the right thing but does not have the integrity to do so. His own self-interests are more important then the truth or doing the right thing.


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Posted on: June 9, 2024

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