The Prophesies Fulfilled – Jn. 19:23-42

As Christians, how do we know that what we believe is the truth? We know because of what the Bible says. Of course, critics claim that the Bible was written by men and is no more reliable than any other religious book. We know better. The Old Testament contains hundreds of prophetic Scriptures referring to Jesus and his ministry. A conservative estimate starts at 300. I’ve seen estimates as high as 574. The point is that the OT proves the NT to be true by way of its prophesies.

I’m not sure how may of the prophesies John knew, but he mentions quite a few of them in his gospel. In the 2nd half of chpt. 19 alone he mentions four of them. This isn’t accidental. Remember John’s underlying theme: believe. He wrote his gospel as a persuasive essay to convince people that Jesus is Messiah. He references prophecy to back up both what he writes and what Jesus did. That’s good enough for me.


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Posted on: June 16, 2024