Another Chance to Believe – John Chpt. 20

In the 2004 film ‘The Polar Express’, the main character is on a train headed for the North Pole. He and all his traveling companions are kids who are beginning to doubt the existence of Santa Clause. The train ride represents an opportunity to see for themselves. One of the key lines in the story is, “seeing is believing.”

So many people have trouble believing God because they can’t see him. Their lack of belief prevents them from ever experiencing saving faith. But even among us Christians, there is plenty of doubt. Man of us believe the gospel for salvation, but then we struggle to believe it for discipleship. We struggle because we can’t see – or at least we think we can’t. The disciples were given multiple opportunities to believe after the resurrection, which we’ll see today. We have those same opportunities by way of a written record (the Bible).


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Posted on: June 23, 2024